DisQuest FAQ

What is this site?

This site is DisQuest. You can use it to create custom invite links for your Discord server!

For example, instead of having an invite such as "discord.gg/4tfb8bZkQJ" you can have "dis.quest/yourinvite", much easier to share.

Is this free? What's the catch?

No catch, but if you want a URL that is 1-3 characters, you must boost the official server.

Short URLs will be given to open-source project servers. Please contact me if you run one of these servers and would like a shorter invite.

I invited the bot, what does it do?

The bot is used to create the invite link for your server. It has a command ",url" which will fetch your server's current DisQuest URL.

If an invite link expires, or if it is revoked, the bot will generate a new one.

Does the bot need any special permissions?

The bot needs the "Create Invite Link" permission on Discord. It is not recommended to give bots more permissions than necessary.

To use the ",url" command, the bot needs to be able to read and send messages to channels, though this is 100% optional.

I added my server and it doesn't show up!

If your server doesn't show up, press the "Refresh Server List" link on the dashboard.

If this does not work, try logging out then logging back in.

How do I delete my custom link?

To remove your custom link and stop the bot from creating new links, kick the bot from the server, and then revoke any invite links it made in the "Invites" page under your server settings.

It may take a few hours for the bot to re-scan your invite. After this, the DisQuest URL will become available again.

The bot is in a server but it isn't on the list!

To change/create a DisQuest URL, you must have the "Manage Server" permission in that server.

I got an error creating a link!

Getting an error is usually the result of one of the following:

If none of the above help, feel free to message me on Discord: AlexIsOK#0384

Is this site affiliated with Discord?

While this site creates custom Discord links, it is not affiliated with Discord or any of its partners.

DisQuest is completely independent from Discord.